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Bubba’s Worker’s Special

// By Samantha Simma

It’s not until you pull open the second set of doors in the entryway at Bubba’s BBQ that the aromas of coffee and bacon, along with a cloud of other classic breakfast smells, hit you. At this popular spot among locals and visitors, the ones in the know aren’t being tempted by the pecan pancakes or Felipe’s Special. Instead, they’re ordering something that’s not on the menu: the Worker’s Special.

When it comes to a classic breakfast spread, the Worker’s Special is a biscuit above the rest. “Reasonably priced food is hard to come by in Jackson,” says Allan Morton, who has been a regular at Bubba’s since moving to the area 37 years ago. He finds himself at Bubba’s for breakfast at least once a week and says he is a “Worker’s [Special] and a big glass of water kind of guy.” For $9.99, the Worker’s Special includes a cup of coffee; two eggs cooked to your liking; hash browns; the choice of ham, bacon, or sausage; and either a muffin, toast, or one of Bubba’s Big Biscuits. If you opt for the biscuit like Morton does, your server will bring you enough butter and honey to spread between every flaky layer.

“Without our locals in this community, and all their support, we would not be in business.” 

Nicole Davis, Blue Collar Restaurant Group’s regional president

The Worker’s Special was on the menu in 2013 when Blue Collar Restaurant Group purchased the establishment. They took it off the menu, but kept it available for those who knew to order it. Why? “Without our locals in this community, and all their support, we would not be in business,” says Blue Collar Restaurant Group’s regional president, Nicole Davis. “Having something like the Worker’s Special is a way to thank the local workers and community members for their continued support. They are the backbone of our business.” Should you like to take a walk in a local’s shoes, the next time you’re at Bubba’s for breakfast say, “I’ll have a Worker’s.” Open daily 6:30 a.m.– 9 p.m.; 100 Flat Creek Dr., Jackson; 307/733-2288, bubbasjh.com JH

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