Enjoy: Taste of Jackson Hole

Corbet’s Cabin Waffles

// By Samantha Simma
Laddy Burmaster serves up waffles in Corbet’s Cabin at the summit of Rendezvous Mountain at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Photo by Ryan Dorgan

Atop Rendezvous Mountain, after a vertical climb of 4,139 feet in Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s Aerial Tram, a wall of brisk winter air hits the faces of tram-goers as they disembark. Carried on the wind is the faintest whiff of fresh waffles, an aroma that gets stronger the closer you get to the snow-covered shack tucked into the side of the mountain—Corbet’s Cabin. Constructed in 1964, Corbet’s Cabin is the summit home base of JHMR Ski Patrol and the resort’s avalanche rescue dogs. It has also been home to fresh waffles since the 2008–2009 ski season. This enterprise is more logistically complicated than you might think because, while the cabin has a restroom, it does not have running water. Everything—from the waffle batter to the hot chocolate most people get to go with their waffle—travels to the cabin in the tram. On an average powder day, the waffle artists whip up more than 400 waffles—each one wrapped in foil for an easy on-the-go snack. Every waffle is made-to-order on a classic Carbon’s Golden Malted Waffle Baker before being slathered in toppings from a selection that includes strawberry, brown sugar butter, Nutella, bacon and peanut butter, or lemon glaze and powdered sugar. Open 9 a.m.–3:30 p.m. daily; Rendezvous Mountain, Teton Village; 307/739-2688, jacksonhole.com/waffles JH

Clearing off the deck of Corbet’s Cabin after a heavy storm at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Photo by Bradly J. Boner

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