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Nordic Skiing

Essential gear to make your cross-country ski adventure a success.

// by Dina Mishev

Smartwool’s Merino Beanie proves you don’t need to be fancy to be perfect. Clean seams and lightweight merino wool make this the ideal hat for high-output Nordic skiing. $25, smartwool.com

Nordic Skiers who run cold wear Voormi’s Access
NXT Pullover as a baselayer; skiers who run hot—or who go really hard—can wear it as their only layer. As a baselayer, it’s lightweight and breathable; it can work as your only layer because it’s got a durable-water-repellent finish. $229, voormi.com

Smith’s Embark Glacier Sunglasses have vented and removable side shields, so they can pull double duty as 1) the sunglasses to wear when skiing (shields on) and 2) looking good while you’re wandering around town (shields off). Either way, you’ll appreciate the color- and contrast-boosting ChromaPop lenses. $209, smithoptics.com

As warm as jackets that weigh three times as much, the Trollveggen Superlight Down850 Jacket is Norrøna’s lightest (it weighs less than an average avocado) and most packable (it stuffs into its own pocket) down jacket. And, partially thanks to its windproof, recycled nylon exterior, it works equally well as a mid- and outer layer, making it the most versatile jacket in our closet. $429, norrona.com

Because women have an extra layer to wear
over men, Icebreaker’s Merino Sprite Racerback Bra is made of merino that is core-spun to be breathable and comfortable all day long. $69,

Honey Stinger Waffles taste best when they’re frozen! Yes, each bite is initially a little chilly, but it takes only seconds to soften in your mouth. $9 for a sample pack of six, honeystinger.com 

Mountain Hardwear says its Winter Journey Tights (women) and Pants (men) are for winter climbing, but we turn to them when we want close-fitting pants for Nordic skiing on the worst weather days; they’re made from a stretchy softshell material with an insane ability to repel snow. For bluebird days, Smartwool’s Merino Sport Fleece Wind Tights (not pictured) have a close-fit cut and windproof front panels. Mountain Hardwear: $110, mountainhardwear.com; Smartwool: $140, smartwool.com

Spending $55 on socks seemed outrageous until we started skiing in CEP’s Ski Merino Compression Socks and found our legs feeling fresher for longer; the socks’ targeted medi compression helps increase blood flow and remove lactic acid. $55, cepcompression.com

POC’s Light Merino Jersey is a barely-there baselayer that’s super soft next to your skin. For a little more warmth, go for Ibex’s Woolies Tech Long Sleeve ¼ Zip, made from a mix of merino, nylon, and elastane and includes the best properties of each—warmth, durability, and stretch. POC: $90, us.pocsports.com; Ibex: $135, ibex.com

Nordic skiers not into tights should try Eddie Bauer’s Guide Pro 2.0 Alpine Pants with Norrøna’s PureUll Wool Longs beneath. Made of a stretchy softshell material, the pants are water resistant, have zippered cuffs and a built-in belt, and aren’t as clingy as tights. Norrøna’s new baselayer collection is made from 100 percent ultrafine wool that is soft and non-itchy next to your skin, odor-resistant, and equally warm and wicking. Pants: $159, eddiebauer.com or 55 S. Cache St.; baselayer: $119, norrona.com

Wear the Hypernight Reflective Convertible Glove/Mitt from Nathan Sports as a glove when you’re hot; if the wind kicks up or the temp drops, deploy the low-volume, wind-resistant overmitt for additional warmth. $35, nathansports.com

Montane’s Azote 25L Backpack can carry extra layers, snacks, and hot beverages for you and a friend or two. $129, us.montane.com 

Because you want to slide into the most comfortable shoes possible after taking off cross-country ski boots, meet the Chaco Ramble Puff Clogs, which are pretty much sleeping bags for your feet, but with good traction. $75, chacos.com

Phantom Glide must be made from unicorn horns—it’s that magical. With this permanent base treatment, a single treatment penetrates and is absorbed into ski bases for years of improved glide performance. And you can apply it yourself. (If you’re not a DIYer, Mudroom in Teton Village will apply the magic for you.) $99; dpsskis.com

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