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Give Your Heart to the Hawks

Win Blevins 

This past July, Win Blevins passed away after an extraordinary lifetime, during which he wrote nearly 40 fiction and nonfiction books about Western lore, Native American leaders, lifestyle, and spirituality. Give Your Heart to the Hawks is a tribute to mountain men; written more than 50 years ago, it recently returned to The New York Times bestseller list. 


Fire Shapes the World 

Joanna Cooke

Fire is scary but also transformative and really cool when you learn more about it. This child-friendly book delivers lessons for any age about the ecology of fire. The author and her illustrators, Cornelia Li and Diāna Renžina, show how fauna, flora, and humans have responded to the way fire ravages and renews what it touches. The lesson is that fire doesn’t just destroy, but that it has benefits and we need to learn to coexist with it.


Grizzly 399: The World’s Most Famous Mother Bear 

Thomas D. Mangelsen (Photographer), Anderson Cooper (Foreword), Todd Wilkinson (Contributor) 

Tom Mangelsen has been photographing Grizzly 399 and her extended bear family for more than 20 years. Documenting the many miracles in her long life, conservation writer Todd Wilkinson joins him in this intimate view of the iconic bear and how she has taught so many about grizzlies, public lands, and the intersection between wilderness and people.  


Select Peaks of the Greater Yellowstone: A Mountaineering History and Guide

Tom Turiano

First published in 2003, Select Peaks is considered indispensable by local adventurers. Author Turiano just released a second edition that he says is more of a rewrite than an update. His 107 “select peaks”—in mountain ranges across the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem; think the Madison, Gallatin, Beartooth, Absaroka, Wind River, Gros Ventre, Wyoming, Salt River, Snake River, and Teton Ranges—have not changed, but histories, route descriptions, and photos have gotten an upgrade. JH

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