Local Quiz

How long have you lived here? Take our quiz and see where you rank.

Local Quiz

By Whitney Royster


How long have you lived here? It’s a question everyone is asked, and the answer—like it or not—is a bit of social currency. Did you shop at Pamida, at Fred’s? Could you believe the change in the landscape when Melody Ranch was built, or Rafter J? Did you take a harrowing flight on a prop plane into the airport in a snowstorm? Take our quiz and see where you rank as a newcomer or local.

1. Skiing the Village is:
A. So awesome, best mountain ever
B. Great, once you get beyond the base area
C. Only done via an early tram
D. Over

2. You miss:
A. Happy hour at the Cadillac
B. Pamida
C. Fred’s Market
D. Cows grazing on the Town Square

3. You are most concerned about the development of:
A. Live-work lofts
B. South Park
C. Teton Village
D. Snow King

4. You get your coffee at:
A. Starbucks
B. Persephone
C. Pearl Street Bagels
D. The Virginian

5. You have a bone to pick with:
A. Jim Stanford
B. James Watt
C. Ralph Gill
D. Calvin Coolidge

6. You get your car repaired at:
A. The Mercedes dealer in Pocatello, Idaho
B. The Subaru division of Teton Motors
C. Roy’s
D. That guy down the street in the Gill Addition

7. Your favorite newspaper editor was:
A. Angus M. Thuermer Jr.
B. Angus M. Thuermer Jr.
C. Fred McCabe
D. Virginia Huidekoper

8. Your idea of responsible development is:
A. A chicken in every pot and a good return on my trust
B. Pay your dues and get lucky in the housing lottery
C. Deal with the free market
D. Close the gate thirty years ago

9. Your newest item of clothing is:
A. A Stio trucker hat
B. A Cloudveil shell
C. Patagonia Capilene underwear
D. A duct-taped Gore-Tex shell from Browse ’N Buy

10. When you see Kirby Williams, you say:
A. Excuse me, sir, there is a shocking amount of dog slobber on the windows of your BMW.
B. Dude! I love your coffee!!
C. Hey Kirby, what are you skiing?
D. Remember when the tram operators would come looking for passengers?

11. As the night winds down, you want to head to:
A. Pinky G’s
B. The Shady Lady
C. LeJay’s
D. The basement of the Soj


Mostly A’s = Sorry, we’re full. There are other cool mountain towns, probably in Oregon. B’s = Victor, Idaho, is pretty sweet. A lot of us are over there now, but the pass is admittedly getting worse. C’s = Almost a local! That’s pretty good street cred. You either went to high school here (and not the current high school, of course) or you have crow’s feet. Either way, the winters aren’t as bad, are they? D’s = Old-timer. On behalf of the entire community, we are so sorry for the traffic, the bling, and the attitudes.

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