What’s Your Coffee Personality?

What's Your Coffee Personality?

What’s Your Coffee Personality?

By Whitney Royster

JACKSON’S COFFEE CULTURE is quaint and bridges the gap between coffee-on-every-corner and only-chain stores. And our coffee and baristas are good; none of our coffee shops suck. Seriously. (How often does that happen?) But, each has its own personality. Take our quiz to figure out where you should get your coffee fix.

How complicated is your order?

  1. Coffee. Hot.
  2. Latte with skim milk.
  3. Decaf cappuccino with a dash of cinnamon for me and four of my friends.
  4. Double mocha skinny decaf chai with sustainably harvested robin’s egg milk.

How technologically savvy are you?

  1. I just upgraded from rotary to push-button on my phone!
  2. My phone is in the car.
  3. I can Venmo you for that.
  4. Apps organized by cultural references, of course.

Other things I would like to buy in addition to coffee are:

  1. Finger puppets and cake pops.
  2. Warm pear salad.
  3. Breakfast burrito.
  4. Hot croissant stuffed with prosciutto and brie.

The car you drove here in is:

  1. I walked/biked.
  2. A Subaru, what else?
  3. A pickup truck with dog slobber on the windows and a questionable starter.
  4. My parents’.

How hungry are you for real food in addition to coffee?

  1. Coffee is food. I’m done with you.
  2. Maybe a muffin.
  3. Yeah, I could use some protein.
  4. I’m about to eat the spine of this magazine.

When I look around, I would like to see other people:

  1. Googling “How to make a local production of The Wiz”.
  2. Chatting with other people about ski conditions.
  3. Flopping into comfy couches and talking politics.
  4. Talking business deals; maybe overhear something important.

What are you looking for in a barista?

  1. Someone who gets the job done. Quickly.
  2. I want them to say, “You want the usual?”
  3. Know the difference between a Shot in the Dark and a Red Eye.
  4. Make a heart or bicycle shape in the foam in my latte, please.


1‘s Mostly – Hit Pearl Street Bagels (145 W. Pearl Ave.) or Starbucks (10 E. Broadway). Both are quick and fairly no nonsense; lines may be long but move quickly.

2‘s – Try JH Roasters (50 W. Broadway). It’s often overlooked, but has great food and ambience. A bit more spacious than other spots, too.

3’s – Cowboy Coffee (125 N. Cache St.) has deep comfy leather couches and a well-rounded menu. Don’t be in a rush.

4‘s – Sister cafes Persephone (145 E. Broadway) and Picnic (1110 Maple Way, Suite B) are the valley’s hippest joints. They both have apps and a pick-up window, which you should make sure to use. Intense, artisan pastries; don’t overlook the basic coffee cake or plain croissant though.