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// By jim mahaffie

The Grand Teton Reader 

Edited by Robert W. Righter 

The editor, a former professor of history at the University of Wyoming, chose 35 contributors covering geology, historic characters, settlement, and the park’s politically charged founding. Writers include naturalists, environmentalists, and diarists, with stories of mountain climbs, fishing and hunting, Native American legends, and more. 

I Can Ski Forever:A Modern-Day Jackson Hole Epic 

By Andrew Munz

In this collection of satirical skits, songs, and scenes from his popular shows in Jackson, local writer and actor Andrew Munz documents life in our ski town. Bits poke fun at ski bums, fundraising moms, housing-starved college grads, and everything and everyone in between. 

Bison: Portrait of an Icon 

Photography by Audrey Hall | Essay by Chase Reynolds Ewald 

This volume of awe-inspiring photos captures the spirit of America’s national mammal, from
newborn “red dogs” in the spring, to summer grazing in the parks, drama and rivalries of the fall rut, and fierce winter struggles to survive. Author Ewald blends narratives of ranchers, policymakers, artists, and Native Americans for history and significance. 

Local Color: Jackson Hole in Words & Watercolor 

By Huntley Baldwin 

Accompanying his own beautiful watercolor paintings, Baldwin offers tips on hiking, fishing, animal spotting, valley traditions, and the four seasons in Jackson Hole. As the author says, it’s “part journal, guidebook, sketchbook, and commentary.” JH