Summer 2020

Caribbean Cowboys
More than 400,000 Puerto Ricans have left their Caribbean island home since 2017. Some are making new lives for themselves in Jackson Hole.

Cutthroat Paradise: Jackson Hole
The Upper Snake watershed is the last, best, and largest watershed dominated by cutthroat trout remaining in the West, but the continuance of this status isn’t a given.

Living History
Backcountry cabins are a part of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks’ human history. You can visit them, but no spending the night.

Winter 2020

Who You Gonna Call?
Teton County Search & Rescue is one of the busiest and best mountain SAR teams in the country.

Living with Grizzlies
Twenty-five years ago, wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park. Today, they are as much a success story as they are controversial.

Festival Fever
Meet seven locals who show that the reasons for moving here are as diverse as the area’s wildlife.

Summer 2019

Pedal On
Biking has become big in the Tetons.

Living with Grizzlies
The recovery of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem’s grizzly bear population is a conservation success story. The next step is figuring out how humans and this apex carnivore can coexist.

Festival Fever
Classical music, plein air painting, bluegrass, food, art—local festivals celebrate all of these, and more.

Winter 2019

Elk Feeding's Fuzzy Future
After more than a century, changes are afoot to the elk-feeding regime on the National Elk Refuge, but it remains unclear how managers will meet their goals.

Cross Cultural Conservation
Fathers and son Richard and Jason Baldes look at the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem as  conservationists and as Easter Shoshone, a tribe whose ancestry spans 13,000 years in the Tetons.

The Remarkable Staying Power of Ski Bums
The demise of ski bums has been predicted for decades, yet the lifestyle perseveres, albeit evolved.

Summer 2018

The Comeback of the Cutthroat
An exotic species crashed the upper Yellowstone River’s native cutthroat trout population, but the trout are now recovering.

Going, Going, Gone?
Glaciers created much of Jackson Hole’s and Grand Teton National Park’s landscapes. Today, the glaciers in the Tetons are in decline.

Van Life
Whether out of choice or by necessity, some Jackson Hole residents call a van their home.

Winter 2018

Over the Mountains and through the Woods
Teton Pass might be the most unique commute in the country.

Public Lands in Public Hands
The Wyoming Public Lands Initiative charges communities to come up with recommendations for managing local parcels of federal land long stuck in limbo. Is there a chance it will work? Do we want it to?

We are Jackson Hole
Individuals make this valley the inspiring, engaged, dedicated, interesting, and intelligent community it is. Meet some of us.

Summer 2017

Jackson Hole has one of the highest rates of nonprofits per capita, ranging from Search & Rescue to food rescue.

Deserted or Destroyed?
Immediately south of Jackson Hole, the Wyoming Range is a contradiction, with some sections overused and others rarely visited. What does that mean for its role in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem?

Wildflower Watching
Look for flora instead of fauna, and you're guaranteed a successful outing. You might even see some wildlife along the way.

Winter 2017

Yurt Life
In Kelly, more than a dozen people live in yurts. But the housing style is the least interesting thing about this small community, which has been going strong since 1981.

Long Journeys Home
Greater Yellowstone's extraordinary wildlife migrations make for an intact ecosystem, and bind people together in awe.

Drilling for Fish, Teton-Style
Ice fishing's glory days in Jackson Hole have passed, but this unique brand of angling still persists.

Summer 2016

Mountain Madness
In Jackson Hole, a ‘Picnic’ involves 67 miles of biking, swimming, hiking, and climbing. A bike ride Around the Block is 109 miles.

Park Players
Mother Nature made Grand Teton National Park, but it’s a team effort—with the 100-year-old National Park Service playing quarterback—that keeps the park looking its best.

Going to the Birds
Some of the valley’s smallest animals are its most interesting.

Winter 2016

Wild Child
At fifty years old, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has grown up while staying true to its founders' visions.

Crown Jewels at the End of their Golden Age?
As the National Park Service turns 100, the examples set by—and the problems seen by—Yellowstone and Grand Teton parks are more important than ever.

Summer 2015

Life on the Lake
Jackson Lake is a jewel for recreationalists, whether they’re looking to catch fish or a wild ride.

Handing Off the Griz
Wyoming and its neighbors prepare to take over management of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem’s grizzly population. Will this include trophy hunts?

Winter 2015

Twenty years after their reintroduction, the predators are firmly established in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Why are they still controversial?

Schools of Skiers
Yeah, the Jackson Hole Air Force is hardcore. But have you seen the seventy-somethings who shred Tower 3 Chute?
Jackson Hole magazine Summer 2014 Issue

Summer 2014

Jackson's Whole History
The Teton Range, geologists say, first sprouted about 9 million years ago. The Yellowstone Caldera, which sculpted so much of the landscape we know today, last exploded some 600,000 years ago....

The Need for Speed
I'm starting to shiver. Trying to duck the wind whipping 5,000 feet above the valley floor, I’m hunkered behind rocks. I’m cooling down quickly from my two-hour run to this point from the...

Winter 2014

Forty Years of Solitude
Steven Fuller is Yellowstone's longest-serving winterkeeper. He might also be the park's last. His photography portfolio will, however, remain a monument to one of the world's most unique jobs and...

The Liftie Life
It's a simple job, but loading lifts can change lives.
Jackson Hole magazine Summer 2013

Summer 2013

The Richest Life
For some ranchers, it's the assets they leave on the land that represent the true meaning of legacy.

Welcome to the Neighborhood
Black bears, grizzlies, cougars, and wolves are all around, some in increasing numbers. How can we best coexist?
Jackson Hole magazine Winter 2013

Winter 2013

Winters of Wonder
Winters here are always special, but some are truly extreme.

Running Man
Local fitness guru Eric Orton gets his due.

Live to Ski
Backcountry exploration will always be remembered in Steve Romeo's photographs.
Jackson Hole magazine Summer 2012

Summer 2012

The Dividends of Thinking BIG
The Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative is transforming the way the world thinks about ecology and commerce

Peaks & Valleys
The Ups & Downs of Jackson Hole's Economy

Over the River and Through the Woods
Jackson Hole's trail culture